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new to jquery here, right now I have a working hide/show function when one radio button is selected. However, after I select a radio button there is no way to deselect all options and hide the div. Ideally id like to add a small 'X' that users could click which would reset my radio buttons and the amount of cars, I think you guys probably know just what I mean. Thanks a lot for the help!


<div id="myRadioGroup">

    2 Cars<input type="radio" name="cars" value="2"  />

    3 Cars<input type="radio" name="cars" value="3" />

    <div id="Cars2" class="desc">
        2 Cars Selected
    <div id="Cars3" class="desc">
        3 Cars


$(document).ready(function() {

    $("input[name$='cars']").click(function() {
        var test = $(this).val();

        $("#Cars" + test).show();

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Does this answer what you wanted?

<a href="" onclick="$('input:checked').removeAttr('checked');
  $('.desc').hide();return false;">Reset</a>
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<a class='close'>Close</a>


$('a.close').live('click', function(){
  $("input[name$='cars']").attr('checked', '');
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