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I'm using LightopenID and all works fine. But I want a pretty openID selector, and I was trying jQuery OpenID It's working, but I'm lost when it must call to LightopenID. I think is this line:

<form class="openid" method="post" action="/Login.xhtml?ReturnUrl="> 

isn't it? Any idea, please?

Can I use another selector? Any code example, please? Thanks in advance!

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It is the line you've mentioned. You have to set the form's action so that it points to a file that will handle your authentication. One such file is the example.php bundled with LightOpenID.

I took the following steps to test it:

  1. Downloaded and extracted LightOpenID to /openid ( so that http://localhost/openid/example.php would point at the example)
  2. Downloaded and extracted jQuery OpenID plugin, so it's in /openid/jQueryOpenIdPlugin
  3. Changed the action to '../example.php' in '/openid/jQueryOpenIdPlugin/Login.xhtml'
  4. Opened http://localhost/openid/jQueryOpenIdPlugin/Login.xhtml
  5. Entered an openid, then clicked submit.
  6. Been redirected to the authentication page -- now I'm sure it works.
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