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I am writing a really simple app which should be quick to use. I therefore want to have a button that performs a function then causes the app to exit once this function is done.

Firstly is this ok with Apple's rules, the area seems a little grey. And secondly if this is ok what code should I use? I've tried

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] terminateWithSuccess];

which does exit the app but I have data which needs saving on the way and this function never gets called...

-(void)applicationWillTerminate:(NSNotification *)notification

Any tips would be great.

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Your question is a dupe of this question:

Proper way to exit iPhone application?

Apple wants the user to do the quitting via the home button (look at the highly voted answer on that linked question).

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This area is not a "little grey". It's explicitly prohibited to quit an app programmatically.

Also, terminateWithSuccess is a private API, so this is clearly prohibited.

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