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starting from the rails blog tutorial, i want to have listing and create functionality on a single view. But i don't known how to design the controller to accomplish this.

The index view must show a simple list of posts and a form to create a new post. Can i solve this with partials? How? I need a "new" and "create" methods? With only create is not enough?

class MyPostsController < ApplicationController

    def index
        @posts = Post.all

    def new

    def create

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If you want to have the form in the index view, render the form. I'd recommend a partial, but it's not mandatory. Depending on the form implementation you may need a new Post model, that's as easy as putting a @post = Post.new in the index action.

The reason create may not be "enough" is because some forms are "for" an instance of the model. In those cases generally the new action makes a new Post and renders the form, whereas the create action actually saves (creates) it.

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Thanks Dave, i misunderstand partials views. I supposed that each partial was a mvc itself and i could compose mvc's using partials. –  eze1981 Oct 23 '11 at 19:47
@eze1981 A partial can't be an "MVC itself", a partial is just the V. The C sets up everything required for the V, regardless of what's contained in the V, but rendering a partial does just that--renders a partial, it won't make any C calls automatically. –  Dave Newton Oct 23 '11 at 19:50

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