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I was trying to write some code, using templates, I've been trying for a few hours now, but still cannot solve this error:

14 C:\Users\urielbertoche\Desktop\main.cpp request for member 'defineConstante' in 'planilhaTeste', which is of non-class type 'planilha<double> ()()'

my main at the moment is like:

int main (){
planilha<double> planilhaTeste();
unsigned int contador=0;
double number=0;
for(contador=0; contador<5; contador++)
      cout<<"Escreva a constante para a celula "<<contador<<endl;
      planilhaTeste.defineConstante(contador, number); // this is line 14 by the way
return 0;


all the includes have been made, my header is like:

template <class Type>
class planilha{
        struct celula{
            double termoConstante;
            Type resultadoFinal;
            lista termos;
            int numCelula;
            celula *prox;
            celula(double novoTermo, int numCel, celula *proxElo=NULL):termoConstante(novoTermo),
                    resultadoFinal(novoTermo), numCelula(numCel), prox(proxElo), termos(){};
        celula *primeiro;

        planilha(const planilha<Type>& origem);
        planilha<Type> operator=(const planilha<Type>& origem);
        void defineConstante(int numCel, const Type& valor);
        bool insere_termo(unsigned int numCel, unsigned int refCel, double fator);
        void apagar(unsigned int num_cel);

and the function code is:

template <class Type>
void planilha<Type>::defineConstante(int numCel, const Type& valor){
    celula * finder = primeiro;
            this->termoConstante = valor;

I really can't figure why this error is happening. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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2 Answers 2

planilha<double> planilhaTeste();

This line declares a function planilhaTeste returning planilha<double> not a variable of type planilha<double>. As long as you need a default ctor here just remove empty parenthises from the declaration:

planilha<double> planilhaTeste;

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In your main() function , change line planilha<double> planilhaTeste(); to planilha<double> planilhaTeste;

there are some other errors also like : lista termos; //lista is not even a typedef

planilhaTeste->primeiro=planilhaTeste->primeiro->prox; planilhaTeste is not pointer, also primeiro is protected which you're trying to access outside scope of planilha class

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