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I want to create a graph using JFreeChart and display it in a java swing GUI. At the moment I have the following code to display it in a separate frame, please can someone help me out with the code I need in order to display it my GUI?

JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createScatterPlot(

ChartFrame frame = new ChartFrame("Results", chart);
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A little searching suggests that:

  • A JFreeChart instance can also be added to a ChartPanel.
  • The ChartPanel extends JPanel so can be added to a JFrame (JApplet, JDialog, JWindow, JPanel, JDesktopPane ..).
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Thanks for your help. How would I go about setting a chart to be displayed in the ChartPanel though? –  The Crazy Chimp Oct 23 '11 at 19:54
ChartPanel is component in the JFreeChart that you create an pass on the chart object. Afterwards you can use it as any other panel while adding to frame. –  Ashwinee K Jha Oct 23 '11 at 19:58

Check this little example, if you want to stick to ChartFrame, which should work too. I would also go for a JPanel approach, like Andew suggested.

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