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I have the following in a file

version: [0,1,0]

and I would like to set an Ant property to the string value 0.1.0.

The regular expression is


and I need to then set the property to


to get


I can't workout how to use the Ant tasks together to do this.

I have Ant-contrib so can use those tasks.

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Solved it with this:

<loadfile property="burning-boots-js-lib-build.lib-version" srcfile="burning-boots.js"/>
<propertyregex property="burning-boots-js-lib-build.lib-version"
    regexp="version:[ \t]\[([0-9]),([0-9]),([0-9])\]"
    select="\1.\2.\3" />

But it seems a little wasteful - it loads the whole file into a property!

If anyone has any better suggestions please post :)

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It's what I would do. :) – FailedDev Oct 23 '11 at 22:50
Thanks, FailedDev - Almost getting the hang of Ant now! – Matt Clarkson Oct 24 '11 at 9:43

Here's a way that doesn't use ant-contrib, using loadproperties and a filterchain (note that replaceregex is a "string filter" - see the tokenfilter docs - and not the replaceregexp task):

<loadproperties srcFile="version.txt">
    <replaceregex pattern="\[([0-9]),([0-9]),([0-9])\]" replace="\1.\2.\3" />

Note the regex is a bit different, we're treating the file as a property file.

Alternatively you could use loadfile with a filterchain, for instance if the file you wanted to load from wasn't in properties format.

For example, if the file contents were just [0,1,0] and you wanted to set the version property to 0.1.0, you could do something like:

<loadfile srcFile="version.txt" property="version">
    <replaceregex pattern="\s+\[([0-9]),([0-9]),([0-9])\]" replace="\1.\2.\3" />
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Based on matt's second solution, this worked for me for any (text) file, one line or not. It has no apache-contrib dependencies.

<loadfile property="version" srcfile="version.txt">
    <regexp pattern="version:[ \t]\[([0-9]),([0-9]),([0-9])\]"/>
    <replaceregex pattern="version:[ \t]\[([0-9]),([0-9]),([0-9])\]" replace="\1.\2.\3" />
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