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I am trying to run the following query:

data = {
    'text':'Lorem ipsum',
self.db.collection('collection').update({'user_id':1}, data, upsert=True)

but the two '$' queries cause it to fail. Is it possible to do this within one statement?

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First of all, when you ask a question like this it's very helpful to add information on why it's failing (e.g. copy the error).

Your query fails because you're mixing $ operators with document overrides. You should use the $set operator for the user_id and text fields as well (although the user_id part in your update is irrelevant at this example).

So convert this to pymongo query:

    {$set:{text:"Lorem ipsum", updated:new Date()}, $inc:{count:1}}, 

I've removed the user_id in the update because that isn't necessary. If the document exists this value will already be 1. If it doesn't exist the upsert will copy the query part of your update into the new document.

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