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I have two questions:

1 - Should we model UI behaviors??

2 - In what diagram should we model the UI behaviors? For example, a button should be Enabled or Disabled based on the user state (whether he is logged in or not).

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uml state diagrams are useful for defining button state by diagrammatically

would you pls go through this link for more info

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You can model a relevant set of UI use cases, and the sequence diagram is the perfect choice

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so we should model the UI behaviors always? –  jim Oct 23 '11 at 21:06
only the most relevants from your point of view –  Miguel Prz Oct 23 '11 at 21:09

You can model UI in the Class diagram as well as the sequence diagram. I have an example where I used the UI class in a class diagram but it might not be the same for your case. This was a web-based project (J2EE MVC).

The rough sequence is: The system is initialized -> it creates the UI for each of the pages and also the controller for the pages -> the main homepage is displayed.

The UI pages were an important part of the level 1 Sequence diagram and had to be there in the class diagram.

To draw proper UML, always take into account a Domain diagram of your problem and a use-case document. The Domain diagram gives you the flow of data (objects) and the use-case document gives you the events.

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