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I made a custom FindControl function to find a control within all childs of one control I pass in parameter. But I don't manage to have a hand over the button used to create a user ,in a CreateUserWizard Control.

I kept the default style, do anyone knows the name (ID) of this button?

I saw buttons like "ContinueButtonButton", "FinishButton", but they don't seem to be the one I am searching for, because I then have this line:

        this.Form.DefaultButton = Tools.FindControl(CreateUserWizard1, "FinishButton").UniqueID;

And the create user event is not fired when I hit enter.

Any idea?

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I finally found it, its ID is "StepNextButtonButton"

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how about try something like

    foreach (Control ctrl in this.form1.Controls)
        if (ctrl.GetType() == typeof(Button) && (ctrl as Button).Text == "Button2")
            this.form1.DefaultButton = ctrl.ID;
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Will not work, will just stick at the first children level, whereas there are usually many inner control levels –  GianT971 Oct 24 '11 at 18:42

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