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I have this HTML code, for example:

<div class="new">
 <div class="in"></div>
 <label>some text now watch this | the-thing</label>

I want to:

  1. find the text thats after the "|" charecter
  2. move it outside the label
  3. wrap a span tag around it

i know how to do the 2nd and 3rd part, but i dont understand how to manipulate the string to begin with

thanks in advance

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Well, there's .substring(). –  Jared Farrish Oct 23 '11 at 22:11
There's also .split(), which you can split on a regex. Question what if you have something like some text | to split | and some more? –  vol7ron Oct 23 '11 at 22:32
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Here's a working example: http://jsfiddle.net/jfriend00/TaDKp/.

var re = /\|\s*(.*)$/;
var o = $(".new label");
var match = o.text().match(re);
if (match) {
    o.text(o.text().replace(re, ""));
    o.after("<span class='special'>" + match[1] + "</span>");

The steps described:

  1. Find the desired label object
  2. Find the text in the text of the label object using a regular expression
  3. If the text is found, remove it from the label
  4. Insert a span with that text after the label
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You can use a regular expression to get/replace the text. Then create a span element and append it after the label.

var str = $( "div.new label" ).html();
var match = str.match( /\|(.*)/ )[1];
$( "div.new label" ).html( str.replace( /\|(.*)/, "" ) );
$( "div.new" ).append( "<span>" + match + "</span>" );

Example: http://jsfiddle.net/4m9AX/

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yes! thanks! exactly what i needed –  user924035 Oct 23 '11 at 22:32
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You can get the string thus:

var str = $('div.new label').text();

Then use string primitives to slice the bit of the string you want :)

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You could use JavaScript regular expressions to capture and replace the text after the special character. Read about the standard RegExp class.

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To do the first part you need to access the content of the label. Do that using jQuery. Something like:

$(".new > label").val();

And then to get the text after the "|" character, what you need is two javascript functions: indexOf and substr.

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You'll need to use indexOf() to find the text after the character

var str = $('.new label').text();
var strToMove = str.substring(str.indexOf('|') + 1);
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I don't have time to write the code, but here is probably how you should go about it:

1: Add an id to the label e.g. <label id="originaltext"> 2. In your javascript, assign a variable to: document.getElementById("originaltext").innerText; 3. Use string.split to split the text using the '|' character into 2 variables 4. Set the contents of the original div to the text before the pipe using: document.getElementById("originaltext").innerText = stringbeforepipe 5. Set the contents of the new div using the same method except using the variable storing the string after the seperator.

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So you want the final html snippet to be

<div class="new">
 <div class="in"></div>
 <label>some text now watch this</label>


The jquery would look something like this:

var node = $('label').contains('|').

var txt =  node.val();
var newtxt = txt.substr(0, txt.indexOf('|')-1);
var cuttxt = txt.substr(txt.indexOf('|')+);
node.before('<span>'' + cuttxt + '</span>');

Not test, probably won't work, YMMV, etc...

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