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I'm loading multiple Google maps inside a page using ajax. They are dynamically generated vary in number of maps rendered per page. I found a partial solution to my problem here.

My problem with the solution is that I don't have a fixed number of maps. Is there a way to dynamically generate the names of the variables that store the map objects (map1, map2, etc)? Is there a better solution that doesn't involve generating variable names?

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Yes. Use arrays in javascript. Something like this:

    var mapObjects;

    function geAllMapDivs() {
        var allDivs = document.getElementsByTagName('DIV'), i, L;
        var mapDivs = [];
        for(i=0, L=allDivs.length; i<L; i++) {
            if (allDivs[i].id.substring(0,4) == "map_") {
        return mapDivs;

    function createMaps() {
        var mapDivs = getAllMapDivs(), i, L;
        mapObjects = [];
        for(i=0, L=mapDivs.length; i<L; i++) {
            mapObjects.push(new google.maps.Map(mapDivs[i], myOptions)); 
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After that, how will I reference them? –  Keyslinger Oct 23 '11 at 23:40
mapObjects[0], mapObjects[1] and so on. After the createMaps() function completes, you can reference mapObjects just the same way that you referenced mapDivs inside the createMaps function. They are both arrays of objects. (Though mapDivs is known only inside the createMaps function) –  Cheeso Oct 24 '11 at 0:05

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