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So I am writing a webservice in BPEL, but coming up with a few obstacles due to not being very familiar with Jdeveloper. Basic questions first. How can I create a new application server connection to an IIS Server? I currently have a data centric webservice deployed to an IIS server in C# that I need to connect to through my BPEL model. So basically an external webservice connection is required. Any help would be great.


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You will need to import the WSDL of your C# service into JDeveloper and define a partnerlink for that. Then you can call the service using the BPEL invoke activity.

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Thank you. I was getting thrown by Jdeveloepr asking if it should autogenerate a wsdl for that partnerlink as no partnerlinks were defined in the C# wsdl file. Did not realise that the new WSDL was actually a ref to the actual wsdl. – TJOB Oct 27 '11 at 4:36
Yes, partner link types (basically one end of a partner link) are defined using a WSDL extension. So to add them to a defined WSDL, they are either put into the WSDL it self, or a new WSDL file is created, which just contains the partner link types and imports the original WSDL. – vanto Oct 27 '11 at 9:34

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