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I am looking for some help in how I can store the correct timezone in Rails, from data that provides me with a UTC offset, and DST.

The data comes from http://openflights.org/data.html

Timezone Hours offset from UTC. Fractional hours are expressed as decimals, eg. India is 5.5.

DST Daylight savings time. One of E (Europe), A (US/Canada), S (South America), O (Australia), Z (New Zealand), N (None) or U (Unknown).

I am wondering how I could use this data in Rails to store the timezone of these airports as a string in a Timezone column that Rails would recognise.

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I don't think there there is a solution for this, unless you create a custom mapping of the DST and offset to a particular timezone.

I ended up using the geonames.org webservice, to find out the timezone based on latitude/longitude.

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