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Does anybody know whether it's possible via a Subversion pre-commit hook to check the project name that the commit is specified from?

I ideally want to use this to determine whether a commit message (and pattern) should be checked for that project. The latter part here is fairly easy, but I only see a way to get the transaction id OR revision plus the repository for the commit.

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Subversion's pre-commit hooks give you the full path to the repository, the full filesystem path that is. So if you can tell a project's name by its repository naming convention, you can use the pre-commit hook to get the project name. But...Subversion itself has no concept of a project so for you to do this, your repository naming conventions would have to permit.

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Subversion passes this hook two parameters:

  • the path to the root of the repository
  • the transaction identifier

First parameter (indirectly) will allow you to get project name

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