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I am using Carrierwave for photo upload but the image resizing function doesn't work properly. So I spent about 6 hours trying to figure it our on google. I tried uninstalling and installing ImageMagick as it seems to be the root of the problem. This did not help. So I then checked the versions of "identify" and "convert" which are presumably two utilities that come with ImageMagick. They report different ImageMagick version number, as pasted below:

63c55b$ convert --version Version: ImageMagick 6.7.3-2 2011-10-23 Q16 Copyright: Copyright (C) 1999-2011 ImageMagick Studio LLC Features: OpenMP

63c55b$ identify --version Version: ImageMagick 6.6.2-6 2011-03-16 Q16 Copyright: Copyright (C) 1999-2010 ImageMagick Studio LLC Features: OpenMP

This is right after I installed ImageMagick from source using make install. I don't know how to upgrade the version for identify to match that of convert. Help is greatly appreciated!

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Run these commands to find out the installation locations of your convert and identify binaries (I'm assuming you're on Linux or Mac OS X):

 which convert
 which identify

Should the directory for convert be different from that of identify: have a look if there is another identify in the same directory as convert.

If that doesn't help, try these commands to List the Dynamic Dependencies for each of the binaries:

 ldd `which convert`
 ldd `which identify`

(Dynamic dependencies are those libs that another lib or executable requires to load at runtime so it can run at all...) One of the two may be 'statically linked' (and hence list no dynamic dependencies at all).

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