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Since updating to ADT 14 I can no longer build my project. It was building fine prior to updating.

The error:

[2011-10-23 16:23:29 - Dex Loader] Unable to execute dex: Multiple dex files define Lcom/myapp/R$array;
[2011-10-23 16:23:29 - myProj] Conversion to Dalvik format failed: Unable to execute dex: Multiple dex files define Lcom/myapp/R$array;

Similar issues have been reported and I have tried the suggestions there including

  • Restarting Eclipse.
  • Cleaning the project and rebuild - Disable "Project->Build Automatically" option, then "Clean" and "Build" project, then try to run. reset "Build Automatically" option to On
  • Re-installing the Android Developer Tools
  • Re-installing Eclipse (updated to the latest version 3.7.1)
  • Created a new project importing from the file system
  • Created a new project from subversion.
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I was facing the same issue then i saw while pushing my app some jar files which were loaded twice hence multiple dex error .Just go to your project properties -> Java Build Path and try unchecking jar which is being loaded twice.

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I had a similar problem when I added ActionBarSherlock as a library in my project. Eclipse ADT v21.0 pre-created dex files supposedly for faster building of the project. These dex files were the same as some of the jar files in my lib folder. So just keep one and delete the other. I deleted the ones in the lib folder as the dexed files were generating automatically.

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[Solved for me]

by removing the duplicate library "JAR file" then remove file, Clean project and its work.

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Make sure that "android-support-v4.jar" is unchecked in Order and Export tab under Java Build Path

Follow the steps:

  1. Project Properties
  2. Java Build path
  3. Order and Export
  4. Uncheck "android-support-v4.jar"
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The problem happens when user builds the dependent library with eclipse. So to get the solution

Step 1: Delete the library (like support library project v4 or v13) from Eclipse with delete workspace source permanantly

Step 2: Re import the library and include it to your project

Step 3: Clean and Rebuild


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Found another scenario where this issue happens: The problem was that the libs folder was used as a Source in the project preferences, so it was exported twice. Resolved by right clicking on the libs folder -> Build Path -> Remove from Build Path

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I am facing the same problem. The problem I found that I have a library project, in that project's manifest file, there is no targetSdkVersion property. I have added that property under (uses-sdk) tag. Then clean my project. Now my app runs normally.

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This happen when in our app, we have libs folder with gson jar (eg: gson-2.2.4.jar). In sametime, our Google Play Service library already have Gson as well.

i have remove it from my app and its work fine now.

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I had two related but not identical guava libraries in the /libs directory, after I removed one, the problem went away.

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For me I had pointed to a jar file in my builtPath which wasn't actually in that path anymore!

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I got the same error message with the GooglePlayService library project google-play-services.jar .

We use maven, for this reason I have to add the Library in my local maven repository.(mvn install:install-file -Dfile=xxx)

Now the library is twice in the "Java Build Path" -> Libraries.

  • once in Android Dependencies
  • and once in the Maven Dependencies.

To fix the problem I need to remove the library from the google-play-services_lib/libs directory (the jar it is used automatically)

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I had this problem and solved it by changing the path of the. jar for change directory, but the. jar pulled the other side, change the path and I entered without problem

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i had the same problem unable to execute multipledex files in android --lorg\xhtml\CSS

i deleted 2external jars files in lib folder--core-renderer-3043e0f89ffb2.jar

core-renderer-minimal-e70d6a.jar and my project built fine again...

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In my case, I delete the ".apk" file in the "src/com/..." directory, clean the project and run.

I had tried all the previous suggestions and did not work for me!

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Conversion to Dalvik format failed: Unable to execute dex: Multiple dex files define Lcom/google/zxing/BarcodeFormat;

Posting this answer for those receiving this error with regards to the barcode scanner plugin from zxing.

Just delete the jar file in the libs folder. Should be project/libs/

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This error occurred to me when I imported a .jar file (as a matter of fact it was httpmime-4.3.jar) and tried to use it. For me the solution was easy: I removed the .jar file from the libs folder and deleted it from Order and Export. Ran the project again, it worked, so I added the .jar file again and it was finally okay.

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The issue is that "Android Dependencies" keep the reference to the old AdMob SDK even after:

  • remove the old admob sdk from build path
  • ant clean
  • eclipse clean
  • delete the bin and gen folders manually
  • close / open eclipse
  • update sdk tools
  • update adt

The solution is to actually delete the AdMob SDK JAR from your computer, not just from the project.

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Check that your bin folder is not in the build path.

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go to \bin\dexedLibs and remove all the jars of the already removed libraries, then clean

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I resolved this issue in my project by deleting a library:

Reason: I included a library-project in my project, and mistakenly did not removed the previous lib from my project, so when I was running the project then same library dex files were generating twice, when I removed the same-library from lib folder of my project, the error gone away and build was created successfully, I hope others may face the same issue.

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Spliting Google Play Service could help you :

so instead of adding just play-services :

compile ''

you add only what you need :

// Google Maps only
compile ''
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I had tried most of the above solution and in past some of them had worked.

But this time none of them worked, so i had deleted my library project's .jar file. and rebuild both library and application project.

And this time it's worked!

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