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Hi I have a task to launch the maps app to get directions from point A to point B.

The requirement is to have the maps open the step-by-step (textual list) view rather than the maps - like

  1. Start here
  2. turn left
  3. turn right ... ....... so on.

See this link to the screenshot http://i562.photobucket.com/albums/ss65/nar_karapetyan/device-2011-10-24-113823.png

Is there a parameter that I can use to specify which mode I'd like the maps to launch in?

(Basically there's a button at the bottom-left corner on the maps to bring up that view once directions are available, but I'd like the maps to show that view automatically when launched.)

Thank you.

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Unfortunately there is no official API to launch the google navigation (from an Intent that is) at the moment. If you'd like to see some potential work-arounds, checkout this stackoverflow post (Intent to start a navigation activity) which is highly related to your question.

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