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@array = reverse; 
@array = reverse $_;

Both are different. @array = reverse doesn't use $_ implicitly. We have to declare $_ explicitly. It's a very strange case where $_ is not being used by default. Is it a bug?

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Think about it. What do you get when you reverse a list containing one item? –  Schwern Oct 24 '11 at 6:55

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As far as I understand from the reverse documentation, reverse works on arrays, and so it should use @_ rather than the scalar $_?

The documentation says "Used without arguments in scalar context, reverse() reverses $_." [Emphasis added]

$_ = "dlrow ,olleH";
print reverse;                              # No output, list context
print scalar reverse;                       # Hello, world
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Whatever is in the official documentation is the Perl specification. If Perl does what the docs say it should do, then it is not a bug. It is a language design and implementation decision.

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