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I started a new JApplet project in my Netbeans IDE . While selecting a new project i selected swing GUI forms that contained JApplet.After the project initialization was over i see a main class i.e a class that contains the main method.Because i had to do the designing for the applet i selected another JApplet GUI form . Now how to call this form from the main class ? Why is the class with the main method created when i am working with the applets ?

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the class containing the main method is automatically created when i start a new JApplet project in my netbeans IDE.

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@ Andrew Thompson It would have been great if you tried to answer this question –  program-o-steve Oct 24 '11 at 17:14

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You don't call applets from a class with a main method. Applets are loaded by a browser. Applications are invoked by using the main() method. Read the Swing Tutorial. There are sections on:

  1. How to Make Applets
  2. How to Make Frames

which should help you understand the difference.

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i know this. please see the edit. when i click the run project button in my IDE it first works with the main class and b'coz main class contains nothing it finishes as soon as it loads. –  program-o-steve Oct 24 '11 at 4:09

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