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I have a simple J2EE server client application. Its deployed on weblogic server. Whenever my client is receiving large chunk of data from server i get error saying "Peer is unreachable for 240 seconds". I tried configuring heartbeat timeout (IdlePeriodsUntilTimeout) to 10 seconds (default value was 4). And my understanding was even if i receive error it would say "Peer is unreachable for 600 seconds" (as in both cases heartbeat PeriodLength is 60). But i still keep getting error that peer is unreachable for 240 seconds. I tried to find information about server tuning for this issue. But I could not find anything else. I had put this question on another forum. But no one was able to answer. Any help or hint would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Can anyone help me. I am totally stuck and not able to proceed. –  user613114 Oct 25 '11 at 5:48
This might be a symptom of a different issue. Try enabling debug logging, taking thread dumps when the server is not responding and test the network to see if it supports the packet sizes you're pushing through. –  Musannif Zahir Oct 26 '11 at 18:15
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