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I have a HABTM association between Users and Groups in my Rails 3 app. The book I'm following to learn Rails recommends running the following command line to create the join migration:

rails generate migration create_groups_users

However in the documentation it looks like I should've run:

rails generate migration create_groups_users_join_table

So that the following would be in my _create_groups_users.rb migration:

class CreateGroupsUsersJoinTable < ActiveRecord::Migration

Is adding join_table required?

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Adding join_table at the end is not explicitly required. Your first command 'create_groups_users' is fine. I've done this in rails 3.0.9 and it works.

You can double check by opening up the migration file and checking that it looks like:

create_table :groups_users, :id => false do |t|
  t.integer :group_id
  t.integer :user_id

The :id => false is needed for a join table as it shouldn't have its own id field.

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Great that's what I have. Thanks! – tvalent2 Oct 24 '11 at 12:16

The last argument in your call to rails generate migration create_groups_users just denotes the class name and a part of the file name of the migration. So it does help to find the migration you have created, the migration file itself is (inside the class body) empty. So both versions are ok.

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