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I've developed an application which uses the following code to set an alarm:

        Intent i = new Intent(AlarmClock.ACTION_SET_ALARM);
        i.putExtra(AlarmClock.EXTRA_MESSAGE, "Google Cal Alarm");
        i.putExtra(AlarmClock.EXTRA_HOUR, 9);
        i.putExtra(AlarmClock.EXTRA_MINUTES, 37);

This works fine on 2.3. My question is how can I achieve something similar on 2.1/2.2? Would I need to make my application into an Alarm Clock app and use AlarmManager?

Also, is there any way I can use the above functionality in 2.3 but still allow my app to run in 2.1/2.2 with that functionality disabled? e.g. my set alarm button could popup some toast saying "Only available in 2.3"

Thanks -Chris

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try this link for setting alarm using alarm manager in application.

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