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I have a basic newbie binding question, which isn't necessarily directly related to the control used. Anyway, here's the thing: I have a DXGrid with a TotalSummary defined, which counts the rows of the grid.

    <dxg:GridSummaryItem x:Name="grdCompleteCount" FieldName="ar_id" SummaryType="Count"/>

Now I'd like to display the count not at the bottom of the grid as it is done automatically, but would like to bind it to another element, say, a textblock. Something like this:

<TextBlock x:Name="statusBarGridCount" 
           Text="{Binding ElementName=grdCompleteCount, Path=Value}"
           Width="190" />

But this approach doesn't work as I'm not sure how to get to the value I'm looking for. What's wrong with the binding?

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Ok, got it already, don't worry... :) Works that way:

<StatusBarItem Grid.Column="2" BorderThickness="1" Margin="1">
    <TextBlock x:Name="statusBarGridCount"
            Text="{Binding ElementName=grdList, Path=VisibleRowCount}"
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