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I need cache for my web application, it stores some small/medium size objects to cache and possibly some max 1-2mb files to cache. What open source solution would be good for this usage? Cache should be easy as Google App Engine cache (example. cache.put("key", "value"); cache.get("key");). I use Google Guice and Servlet, nothing else (so I don't need any Spring etc. recommendations) and I'm using Jetty to run my application.

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You can either use:

As you can see above, both support GAE well.

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He's comparing what he wants to App Engine; he isn't running on App Engine. –  Nick Johnson Oct 25 '11 at 2:38

You can use Ehcache: http://ehcache.org

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Also consider Infinispan:

  • It's primary API extends java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentMap.
  • Support for GAE is planned.
  • Infinispan is developed in Java SE 6.
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You can also consider


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You could also write your own cache using the Singleton Pattern and have the cache be a map. A good example of this is the service locator pattern that can cache things like data sources.

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