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I am new in Fortan and have a question regarding using make callback-functions available for the whole fortran-code.

I am writing on a interface which accesses a Fortran DLL from C#.

module csWrapper
    subroutine vdiTestFuncCllBak(inputValue, retValue)
      INTEGER, INTENT(IN) :: inputValue
      INTEGER, INTENT(INOUT) :: retValue      
    end subroutine
  end interface

  procedure(vdiTestFuncCllBak), pointer :: m_vdiTestFuncCllBak
end module csWrapper

module VdiFunctionRunnerMain
  use csWrapper
  implicit none

    integer function VdiFunctionRunner (XTGA, ARRAY_810, vdiCwertCllbak, vdiIwertCllbak, vdiRwertCllbak, vdiCwert2Cllbak, vdiIwert2Cllbak, vdiRwert2Cllbak, vdiErsterCllBak, vdiLetzterCllBak, vdiTestFuncCllBak)
      !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES DLLEXPORT ::VdiFunctionRunner
      !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES REFERENCE :: XTGA, ARRAY_810, vdiCwertCllbak, vdiIwertCllbak, vdiRwertCllbak, vdiCwert2Cllbak, vdiIwert2Cllbak, vdiRwert2Cllbak, vdiErsterCllBak, vdiLetzterCllBak, vdiTestFuncCllBak
      implicit none      
      external vdiCwertCllbak, vdiIwertCllbak, vdiRwertCllbak, vdiCwert2Cllbak, vdiIwert2Cllbak, vdiRwert2Cllbak, vdiErsterCllBak, vdiLetzterCllBak, vdiTestFuncCllBak

      !procedure(vdiErsterCllBak), pointer :: m_vdiErsterCllBak
      CHARACTER (len=256) XTGA
      CHARACTER (len=256) TGA, ARRAY_810(10), retValue, satzArt, satzArt2
      CHARACTER (len=256) :: cWertCallBackRet

      integer :: nrReturnValues = 1

      m_vdiTestFuncCllBak => vdiTestFuncCllBak

      call vdiTestFuncCllBak(nrReturnValues, nrReturnValues)
      call m_vdiTestFuncCllBak(1, nrReturnValues)

      VdiFunctionRunner = nrReturnValues
    end function VdiFunctionRunner

end module VdiFunctionRunnerMain

Because the Fortran-code need the possibility to use some functions of the C#-code to, a pass two delegates to the Fortran-code (vdiCwertCllbak, vdiIwertCllbak).

This works quite well when they are used in the MainFunction, so the interfacing works so far.

Now it is needed, that the c#-functions must be available from other functions outside of the MainFunction and even in different modules.

I tried to use functionpointers to deal with this problem, but always get the following error when calling m_vdiTestFuncCllBak. Calling vdiTestFuncCllBak works without problems.

It is the same behaviour when initializing the pointer in the function or in an external module.

The following c# code is called:

private void vdiTestFunc(ref int inputValue, ref int retValue)
  retValue = inputValue + 1;

The problem is, that the references of inputValue and retValue are not set when using the funtionpointer.

Does someone had the same issue before and knows a possible solution or has a link with help? I haven't found information about that in my searches.

I am using the Intel 11 compiler.

Help is very much appreciated.

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A quick and dirty way would be to make a module that has a procedure pointer in it:

module callback_module
end module

integer function MainFunction(XTGA, ARRAY_810, vdiCwertCllbak, vdiIwertCllbak)
  !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES REFERENCE :: XTGA, ARRAY_810, vdiCwertCllbak, vdiIwertCllbak
  use callback_module
  implicit none

  external vdiCwertCllbak, vdiIwertCllbak
  integer :: nrReturnValues = 1
  integer :: iWertCallBackRet = 12
  satzArt = '710.10' // char(0)

  call vdiIwertCllbak(satzArt, 1, 2, iWertCallBackRet)

  MainFunction= nrReturnValues
end function MainFunction

integer function tga_810(xtga,array_810)  
  use callback_module
  character(len=256) xtga,tga,array_810(4),s, caption, inputBox

  call p('710' // char(0), 1, 2, retValue)

  tga_810 = 1
end function tga_810


The access violation might be because the pointer has no associated interface.

module callback_module
        subroutine callback_sub(arg1,arg2,...)
            !Declare all arguments as they appear in the actual callback routine
        end subroutine
    end interface

end module

You'll need to correctly define the procedure arguments for the interface.

It might also be caused by having optional arguments. Does vdiIwertCllbak have optionals?

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Thanks for the suggestion. I tried to use functionspointers for that but get a AccesViolationError when I try to access a function pointer. I will update my question :) –  thomacco Oct 25 '11 at 13:58
Thanks, I have done it like that and the AccessViolationError is fixed now for my testFunction, which only has 2 integer-parameters. I guess the problem was, that the pointer was not associated with an interface. But Now I get a Object reference not set an instance of an object. I will update my question. Thanks for the help. –  thomacco Nov 3 '11 at 13:29
No, I have no optional arguments. Only two integers. –  thomacco Nov 4 '11 at 10:33
I'm afraid I'm not too familiar with C#, and especially not mixing with Fortran. Hopefully someone else will see this and have an answer. –  bdforbes Nov 5 '11 at 3:11

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