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I want to remove the intermediate dependency of class B by moving the code from B to C and inherit directly from A.

generic class A
  ---modified generic class B
       ---current class C

Is there any refactoring from Eclipse to support this?

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Congratulations on that question: I often find that most Java developers still refactor code by moving text pieces, while the majority of refactorings can be done with tool support (and verification!) in Eclipse nowadays. – Bananeweizen May 11 '12 at 18:15

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Use Refactoring > Pull up on all the methods of C.

Move all fields and constructors from C to B. Make sure C and B are in the same package.

Delete the class C.

Rename class B to C.

You have to move fields and constructors by hand, but otherwise this should be a fairly safe and painless refactoring.

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