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Does anybody know if there is a special trick to make gmail not to show text as an htmllink? We are sending newsletters to our customers, and there is a possibility that in the text is something like "one-company.com inc." and gmail makes a link.

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That can be done. you need to enclose all Dots (.) and at-the-rate-of '@' symbols in < span>< / span> blocks. i.e x@y.com should become x< span>@< / span>y< span>.< span>com

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I doubt, if you have control over it. It probably depends on the end-users gmail settings and by default gmail converts something like one-company.com to a link, unless the user has turned this feature off in gmail.

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You could try


&#046; is the ascii character for period

if that doesn't work, create a small image for the period and sandwich that in there.

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