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take a look at the following code :

if( down == null || down.GetFace() != Face.None || down.GetFace() != Face.Partial )
    // I called GetFace() two times
    // How can i avoid to call it two times, and still putting inside that if

Thank you!

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It better to ask the question as part of the question body and not as a comment within your code sample. People could miss it. –  Oded Oct 24 '11 at 9:16

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Refactor to a method:

private bool IsFaceNoneOrPartial(Down down)
   var face = down.GetFace();

   return face != Face.None || face != Face.Partial;

// Your code is now:
if( down == null || IsFaceNoneOrPartial(down))

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To be more maintainable and expressive first separate the null check as exceptional case

then get the result to a variable and check it.

if(down == null)
  // Some exceptional case .. return or throw exception

var result =  down.GetFace();
if(result == Face.None || result != Face.Parial)
  // Do your code here
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