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I'm writing a client for a semi-REST web service (for now it only supports GET requests).

My problem is next. I have one base URL and two types of resources each one on the different resource path.

By this time I have two classes that represent that resources structures, I have two instances of RKObjectMapping for mapping each resource type, and I have two instances of RKObjectManager each one with different mapping. In app I load resources calling loadObjectsAtResourcePath: on each instance of RKObjectManager.

Can someone suggest how can I improve my code, because I feel that I should use only one instance of RKObjectManager as I work with only one web service.

I will be very thankful for any advice, because I've searched a lot and haven't found any solution.

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The base URL is the same and the endpoints are different, right? What is the benefit of using two RKObjectManager instances? why not just use one and pass in the correct mapping for each call? –  theVurt Sep 11 '12 at 11:01
I agree with theVurt. Why not just use [RKObjectManager sharedManager]? –  Dan Morrow Oct 16 '12 at 17:46

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In order to use one RKObjectManager, I think you can do something like this:

[[RKObjectManager sharedManager] loadObjectsAtResourcePath:somePath 
                                                usingBlock:^(RKObjectLoader* loader) {
    // Set the mapping to use for this particular request
    loader.objectMapping = specificObjectMappingRequired;
    loader.delegate = ...

See RKObjectManager reference for more info.

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