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I have a rotating a wheel image based on WHEEL OF FORTUNE game. I am using the uniform circular rotation formula.

Angular Velocity V = 2*Pi / T(time taken for the whole spin)

Speed of rotation S = v * r(radius of the wheel)

If I increase the time interval T in V(Angular velocity), the wheel slows down.

Can I get your valuable idea or solution to decrease the time T regularly to get a smooth animation of about 10-15 seconds to stop the wheel?

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I suppose that you can get a decent result by assuming a constant rate of energy loss. Rotation energy is given by E = 1/2 * I * w2, where w is the angular velocity (it should really be a Greek omega), and I (a capital i) is the moment of inertia, which is constant for a given object and axis of rotation. We get w = sqrt(2 * E / I), so try letting E start out at some suitable value and decrease linearly towards 0, and use the above formula to compute the angular velocity.

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you are awesome. it works perfectly. Thanks a million. – yokks Oct 24 '11 at 11:32
@yokks: Glad to hear it. :-) – Aasmund Eldhuset Oct 24 '11 at 13:11

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