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I have set up a custom Rails new action (to hack around a particular solution) which works fine but there is a problem when there is an error in the form and I need to capture the previous values in the edit action.

So the question is, on an unsuccessful creation, how can I capture the parameters and plug these back into the edit view?

Form action:

def go
    @quote =
  rescue Exception => ex
    flash[:error] = "an error occured"
    render :action => "edit"

Form view (minimised):

<%= form_tag :controller => :quoter, :action => :go do %>
  <%= text_field_tag :name, nil, :placeholder => "quote name" %>
  <%= submit_tag "Save quotation" %>
<% end %>
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Instead of:

<%= text_field_tag :name, nil, :placeholder => "quote name" %>


<%= text_field_tag :name,, :placeholder => "quote name" %>
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