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I have a list containing four images. Each image should only have one active class at any given time. (similar to radio buttons).

My code so far supports this fine:

var themeChooser = $('.themeChooser ul li img'); {
    if(!themeChooser.hasClass('themeSelected')) {
    } else {

My problem is that when the .themeSelected class is already active, It will not work if you click on a different image. I need it so IF it is already active and you click on a different image, it removes the existing class and adds it to the new image.


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The simple addition of $('.themeSelected').removeClass('themeSelected'); inside your click handler achieves what you want.

Live example:

Edit: Not quite so simple, the above stops a re-click on the selected element unselecting. Therefore you actually need this addition:


See this Live example:

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Works a treat. Thanks a lot! – tctc91 Oct 24 '11 at 11:16

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