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What i am trying to do, is create an app that takes a recording of a persons voice, for example you could say " hello my name is james" the app would first record this, then change its frequency, and give you an output.

The output would obviouly sound stupid and maybe funny, but that is what i am trying to do.

I have got the code for to record and play, anything that a user say, but how do i manipulate it, how do i change the pitch of the voice.

That is what i need.

I have got the code for the work that i have done so far, but i am new here and it tells me to format it, i couldent get it to post.

But i have the code, so please do not delete this question, i can post it if you tell me how, or on my blog, and post the link here.

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I googled for the same requirement and got something like,soundpool can be used to achieve this. I tried to create it out of the stuff i got,but no success yet. but you can go through the links.These might help you.,570.html

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