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I am getting the following error on NetBeans 7.0 trying to run a HelloAndroid application. The Android SDK as well as an Android device have already been detected by NetBeans, and I followed all the instructions given.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools\ant\build.xml:421: Android Target is not set.

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I have had the same issue. It has to do with how the Android application is build in the new version of the SDK. Here is what helped for me: Go to your Project Properties file you will find something like


I think you can safely delete this. However Netbeans will create it again if you go to the properties of the project by using right click.

Go to Pre-user properties file. There should already be a setting sdk.dir which shows the path to your sdk directory. Add a new setting:


As you may have guessed, replace android-10 with the API Version you want to use.

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I think its problem in build.xml. Find this file in left windows.

Find in build.xml this code: <property file="" />

change with : <property file="" />

save..and finish... run again

sorry about my english

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Thanks last_id, it works :-). But the build.xml will be overwritten everytime you change the android target device. There should be a better solution - may be, the android plugin has a bug?

However, I do the following now as a workaround.


1) Adding <property file="" /> or overwriting <property file="" />, as you suggest, and then mark the file as "read only". There may be no reason to change it anymore. Pay attention: removing the project by NetBeans itself won't work completely.


2) for Linux/U**x: not 1), but replacing the empty (!) file by a sym-link to So, may change, but it doesn't matter :-). And a later removing of the project will work.

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