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Let's say I have a class with the function

class foo 

  void bar() {
     // mode code

Is it possible to print the ID of the current thread (or if it's the main application) that is executing the function using OutputDebugString?

I have a large application I'm debugging and have found a deadlock situation and would like to check which threads are included in the deadlock. Since it could possibly be the same thread that is locking it's own critical section.

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Have a look at the GetCurrentThread function.

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I had tested GetThreadId() thinking that would return the id of the current thread. But GetCurrentThread and using DuplicateHandle on the retrieved psudeohandle worked like a charm. Thanx. –  inquam Oct 24 '11 at 12:16

Use GetCurrentThreadId().

Note that a thread cannot deadlock itself on a critical section. Once a thread has obtained the lock to the critical section, it can freeing re-enter that same lock as much as it wants (same thing with a mutex). Just make sure to unlock the critical section for each successful lock (re)entry so that OTHER threads do not become deadlocked.

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