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I always loved how i can quickly do with JavaScript:

function hello(){
  return ['foo', 'bar'];

hello()[0]; // foo

Why can't we do such things with PHP or is there another short syntax for that?

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It's possible starting from PHP 5.4. (See… or search for "array dereferencing"). There are numerous wrapper functions to use in the meantime. Possible duplicate of Shortcut for: $foo = explode(" ", "bla ble bli"); echo $foo[0] – mario Oct 24 '11 at 11:51
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No, it's just plain not possible to access unnamed array or string by index in php.

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If the size is fixed:

function returnTwoVars() {
    return array( $var1, $var2 );

list( $var1, $var2 ) = returnTwoVars();
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