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Lets say I have a Rails app running on Heroku at I would like to create a separate Heroku application to serve a simple (Rack-Jekyll) blog for my Rails app but I would like this blog to be accessible at

Is there a way I merge the two apps together considering that they are both Rack based, but keep them as separate Heroku applications and separate git repositories?

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You can use redirect method.

match "/blog" => redirect("")
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Accepting this because it technically could get me what I asked for. I think it would probably be a fragile solution though. In the end I decide to just generate my Jekyll blog into `public/blog/'. – David Tuite Oct 26 '11 at 0:44

No, this isn't possible (currently). You'll need to add the /blog as a gem or engine to the mainapp repository, and then push the combined repository to heroku.

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