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Hi I want to copy a file from 1 directory to another, but the date has to be the same. so when the last modified date in the fromdirectory is 14:35, I want it to be the same in the todirectory.

How can I do this using groovy?

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Using AntBuilder

new AntBuilder().copy ( file                 : 'path/to/source', 
                        tofile               : 'path/to/destination', 
                        preservelastmodified : 'true' )

Using Java/Groovy File API

def source = new File ('path/to/source')
def destination = new File ('path/to/destination')

source.withInputStream { is -> 
  destination << is 

destination.lastModified = source.lastModified()
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when I use your code using java/groovy file api, my jar-file which I want to copy changes of content – user999379 Oct 24 '11 at 13:51
I updated my answer to use use an InputStream instead of Writable, which should do a binary copy from the source file. Keep in mind that the << is a file append operation, so if the destination file already exists, this will append the source content at the end of the destination content. – Christoph Metzendorf Oct 24 '11 at 14:09

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