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I have the following code:

QPair<QSharedPointer<unsigned int>, int> someclass::somefunction() {
    int siz = data_size();
    QSharedPointer<unsigned int> buffer(new unsigned int[siz]);

    // Fill the buffer...

    return qMakePair(buffer, siz);

At some point, the QSharedPointer returned by this function will go out of scope and the pointer set in the constructor will be free'd. Using valgrind 3.6.1, I get a "Mismatched free() / delete / delete[]" error. Is there anything wrong with my use of QSharedPointer or do I just have to live with this valgrind warning?

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One way to fix this is to write a custom deleter and pass that to the constructor of QSharedPointer like so:

template <typename T_>
void do_delete(T_ buf[])
    delete[] buf;

And then

QSharedPointer<unsigned int> buffer(new unsigned int[siz], do_delete<unsigned int>);

I am not sure whether there is a more elegant solution (which would be nice)

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Qt is simply missing the array counterpart, like boost::shared_array. So is C++11 missing that. So you have the best solution. –  edA-qa mort-ora-y Oct 24 '11 at 12:50

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