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I am getting an error stating that an object is expected in the below code. The error is:

Object Expected: this.regionalRankings[worldRegion][rankType] = this.getRankings(rankType, this.regionalRankingKey[worldRegion]);


    this.regions = {};
    this.regions = ["US", "Europe", "Asia"];    
    this.regionalRankingKey = ["SP500", "GBE", "CNG"]; //this is the ranking model key for pulling up the rankings object.
    this.rankingTypes = ["gainers", "losers", "actives"];
    this.regionalRankings = {};
    this.rankingWSODIssues = [];

    marketSummary_data.prototype.initRankingsNew = function(){

    for(var worldRegion in this.regions){        

        for (var rankType in this.rankingTypes){

            //this is the line getting the error.
            this.regionalRankings[worldRegion][rankType] = this.getRankings(rankType, this.regionalRankingKey[worldRegion]);

            for(var i = 0; i < 5; i++){

                this.rankingWSODIssues.push(this.regionalRankings[worldRegion][rankType].value("Result[0].Row[" + i + "].WSODIssue"));


    for(var item in this.rankingWSODIssues){

        Response.Write("<p>" + item + ": " + rankingWSODIssues[item] + "</p>");


the function this.getRankings returns an object.

    marketSummary_data.prototype.getRankings = function(rankingType, rankingSet){
    //ranking types Epctchg+ (pct gainers) 
    //Epctchg- (pct losers) 
    //Edollar+ (net gainers) 
    //Edollar- (net losers) 
    //Evol+ (highest volume) 


    if (rankingType == "gainers"){
        rankingType = "Epctchg+";
    if (rankingType == "losers"){
        rankingType = "Epctchg-";
    if (rankingType == "actives"){
        rankingType = "Evol+";

   var rankings = User.CreateObject("WIT.Rankings.1")

       rankings.SetInput("Ranking.RT", 0)
       rankings.SetInput("Ranking.Type", rankingType)
       rankings.SetInput("Ranking.Set", rankingSet)
       rankings.SetInput("Ranking.Rows", 5)
       rankings.SetInput("Ranking.Symbolset", "BridgeStreet");
       rankings.SetInput("Ranking.MinPrice", 0);  // only want stocks trading higher> 0

   return rankings;

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong here?

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at what line is the error ? what does the error exactly say ? – marcgg Apr 24 '09 at 21:30
Object Expected: this.regionalRankings[worldRegion][rankType] = this.getRankings(rankType, this.regionalRankingKey[worldRegion]); – Grizzly Peak Software Apr 24 '09 at 21:31
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The problem is that this.regionalRankings[worldRegion][rankType] requires that this.regionalRankings[worldRegion] be something, however this.regionalRankings is an empty object, so an "Object is Required."

I think what you intended to do is:

for(var worldRegion in this.regions){        
    this.regionalRankings[worldRegion] = {}; // Make it into an object.
    for (var rankType in this.rankingTypes){
        this.regionalRankings[worldRegion][rankType] = ...
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This is correct. I was looking into the same issue and you beat me by a few minutes. +1 – Jose Basilio Apr 24 '09 at 22:12
This is indeed correct. I now know to check for this every time. Thanks! – Grizzly Peak Software May 8 '09 at 2:45

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