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The PHPUnit Selenium base class has an option to make a screenshot on failure, which is a huge help in finding out why the test failed. The selenium server, however, returns an error instead of a failure on any error condition other than explicit assert* calls (such us trying to do something with a non-existent element). If I try to make a screenshot after the server reports the error, I get another error saying that the server already discarded the session. Is there any way to change that behavior?

Update: this is because PHPUnit breaks the connection when it receives an error. I was able to change it by some (rather ugly) manipulation of the PHPUnit code.

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Make those interactions as test cases.

For example in perl, If it is written as below and fails due to a non-existent element. the script will error out


While if the above step is made as a test case by writing it as follows


If there is a non-existent element, the test case will only fail, and the script will continue.

So using TAP (test any protocol) by using the module use Test::More; , if _ok is added after a function, the function return will be used to determine the fate of the test case.

ie. - A return of 'O' means the test Failed

and A return of '1' means the test Passed

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<cmd>_ok is just a wrapper in Test::Www::Selenium which will call <cmd> and then handle the return value somehow. That does not help; as soon as <cmd> is called, the selenium server drops the session, and I am unable to get the screenshot. –  Tgr Oct 28 '11 at 12:19
Strike that; it seems PHPUnit is the one dropping the session. –  Tgr Oct 28 '11 at 12:39
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It is not the Selenium server but the SeleniumTestCase class for PHPUnit 3.4 which automatically sends a stop command when it detects an error (Driver.php line 921). PHPUnit 3.6 seems handle errors better.

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I think you can overwrite method 'travelbox' and make something like this:

public function onNotSuccessfulTest(Exception $e){
       file_put_content('/xxx/xxx.jpg', $this->currentScreenshot());
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