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I've uploaded some files to the Document Library with the Portlet_DL_DLFileEntryService (/tunnel-web/secure/axis/Portlet_DL_DLFileEntryService). Now I'd like modify their permissions. If I'm right I could do that with the Portal_PermissionService (/tunnel-web/secure/axis/Portal_PermissionService). Could someone give me some working examples? Simple soapUI requests would be fine.

For example, I've a DLFileEntrySoap instance and want to add VIEW permission to the Guest role and VIEW and UPDATE permissions to the Publisher role. Which method of the Portal_PermissionService should I call and what are the values of the parameters of the method?

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You should use Portal_ResourcePermissionService instead of Portal_PermissionService, it has the following method:

setIndividualResourcePermissions(long groupId, long companyId, String name, String primKey, long roleId, String[] actionIds)


  • groupId equals with the community id
  • companyId is probably 1
  • name is com.liferay.portlet.documentlibrary.model.DLFileEntry or com.liferay.portlet.documentlibrary.model.DLFolder
  • primKey can be obtained with fileEntry.getPrimaryKey() or folder.getPrimaryKey()
  • roleId is the id of the role, you can obtain it through Portal_RoleService
  • actionIds contains the permissions (e.g. VIEW, DELETE)
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Just wondering, how do you go about implementing this answer? I'm new to Liferay and not a J2EE developer. I'm looking to simply have any file uploaded by any user in the Documents and Media portlet have it's GUEST role permissions set with VIEW by default. Right now each time a user uploads a file they need to go to the permissions page and check the view box so that other users can see/download the file - very annoying for the users. I was thinking of inserting a new row into ResoursePermission table and setting roleId=10162, ownerID=0, actionIds=1 however this is a hack, not good... –  CocoaNoob Feb 11 '14 at 15:44
One of the best liferay answers I've seen, but could you still expand that what is the "community id"? Secondly; Is there a separate "DOWNLOAD" action for files or what action permission does downloading require? Thirdly; can I apply this to single users as well as groups if I just give userId instead of roleId to it? –  Nenotlep Jul 15 at 11:28

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