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I was hoping for some assistance as to how to create a textfile specifically in perl receiving the input from user.

print "\ndirectory has been changed";
print "\nDear user, please enter the name of the file you want to create ";

my $nameFile = <>;

open MYFILE, ">$nameFile" or die "couldn't open the file $!";

This will create a file although not a text file.

regards Arian

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Rather than giving your interpretation of the error ("I don't think this is a text file"), you should give the exact indication you have of the error. E.g. "It has an irregular file name" or "When I try to open the file with vim, it cannot find it" –  TLP Oct 24 '11 at 14:02

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Update: I just realized you did not chomp your STDIN there, so you will have a newline attached to the end of your file name.

chomp $filename;

Should solve that particular hiccup with your file name.

The recommended way to use open is using three arguments, and a lexical filehandle. MYFILE is a global, with all the inherent drawbacks and benefits.

use autodie;  # will check important errors for you, such as open
open my $fh,      '>',               $namefile;
#    ^- lexical   ^- explicit mode   ^- filename separated from mode

print $fh "This is a textfile\n";   # put something in the file
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