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Is there a way to display {children} in a table in a way that they all sit withing a column, one per row?

Say, I have subpages a, b and c, and want them show in a table with page name, author and something else:




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Did you try the reporting plugin


for instance use following config





Quite a bit of fun using it, once that you get going.


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You could also use {metadata-report}


{metadata-report} is used to display metadata stored on pages using the Metadata plugin and can also be used to dislay content properties including: Page,Author,Last Changed By,Last Time Changed,Date,Time,Time Created,Posted,Space,Parent

You can also set the root page to start from and pull all of the basic page metadata out into a table. Example:

    {metadata-report:Page,Author,Last Changed By,Last Time Changed,Date,Time,Time Created,Posted,Space,Parent|root=somepagewithchildren|pages=@descendants} 

This can be wrapped in {table-filter} and {table-plus} macros for sorting.

{table-filter:userfilter=Page,Author,Time Created} 
{table-plus:columnTypes=S,S,D"dd MMM, yyyy hh:mm"} 
{metadata-report:Page,Author,Time Created} 
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