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I am trying to use JSON Objects in blackberry and I am facing problems. The creation of JSON object is always returning an exception. I am using JDE 6.0 and the JSON libraries provided by RIM. Please find the code below. Any problems with it?

I am creating a JSON object and then getting the String out of this object and transforming it again, it is giving me an error: Missing ":" after ... at character ...

        try {
            JSONObject message = new JSONObject();
            message.put("MessageId", "1");
            message.put("TitleEn", "Shopping");
            message.put("TextEn", "Shopping");
            message.put("Date", "");
            message.put("Price", "");

            JSONObject message1 = new JSONObject();
            message1.put("MessageId", "2");
            message1.put("TitleEn", "Beauty");
            message1.put("TextEn", "Beauty");
            message1.put("Date", "");
            message1.put("Price", "");

            JSONObject message2 = new JSONObject();
            message2.put("MessageId", "3");
            message2.put("TitleEn", "Fashion");
            message2.put("TextEn", "Fashion");
            message2.put("Date", "");
            message2.put("Price", "");

            Vector elements = new Vector();

            JSONArray array = new JSONArray(elements);
            JSONObject obj = new JSONObject();
            obj.put("Message", array);
            JSONObject obj1 = new JSONObject();
            obj1.put("TagId", "2");
            obj1.put("NextTagId", "3");
            obj1.put("Sequence", "1$$");
            obj1.put("Content", obj);

            JSONObject finalJson = new JSONObject();
            finalJson.append("ListViewText", obj1);

            String jsonString = finalJson.toString();
            JSONTokener token = new JSONTokener(jsonString);
            try {
                JSONObject obj6 = new JSONObject(token);
                String aaa = "aaa";
            } catch (Exception ex) { }
        } catch (Exception ex) { }

The String used is the following:

{"ListViewText":[{"TagId":"2","NextTagId":"3","Sequence":"1$$","Content":{"Message":[{"MessageId":"1","TitleEn":"Shopping","TextEn":"Shopping","Date":"","Price":""},{"MessageId":"2","TitleEn":"Beauty","TextEn":"Beauty","Date":"","Price":""},{"MessageId":"3","TitleEn":"Fashion Trends","TextEn":"Fashion Trends","Date":"","Price":""}]}}]}
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does it tell you where the error is at or are there really elipses in the error message? –  Kevin Oct 24 '11 at 14:23
Expected a ':' after a key at character 165 of {"ListViewText":[{"TagId":"2","NextTagId":"3","Sequen ..... –  Farid Farhat Oct 24 '11 at 14:29
I would print out the finalJson.toString() and just manually verify that the resulting JSON looks valid. –  Kevin Oct 24 '11 at 14:57
I printed it out and used jsonlint.com to validate it. And it is valid. The same String is successfully integrated on Android but on blackberry it returns an error lol –  Farid Farhat Oct 24 '11 at 14:58
Can you add the whole JSON string to your question please. –  JeremyP Oct 24 '11 at 15:02

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