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I am using watin to test a web page. The vast majority of which works fine. But I have a function that is run using JQuery. When the option of a SelectList is changed. When I run the browser and I have a break point in the js code the following jquery selector is fired.

$("#OwningRegion").change(function () {

But I cannot cause this to happen with watin. I have tried the FireEvent("change"). I have tried FireEvent("onClick"). I have tried .Option[1].Click(). etc.

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I found my own answer. In StackOverflow .... stackoverflow.com/questions/3712825/… –  Peter Marshall Oct 24 '11 at 14:34

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Try this one:

browser.Eval(string.Format("$('#{0},.{0}').change();", id)); //Both for classes and id's
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I used this Browser.Eval("$('#myselectbox').change();"); –  Peter Marshall Oct 26 '11 at 8:21

jQuery-style selector support is now built-in to WaTiN 2.0:

A new method Find.BySelector is added. It accepts any valid jQuery/Sizzle CSS selector string. The following scenarios are supported:

var element = browser.Element(Find.BySelector(…));
var div = browser.Div(Find.BySelector(…));
var elements = browser.Elements.Filter(Find.BySelector(…));
var buttons = browser.Buttons.Filter(Find.BySelector(…));
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