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I have a C#/WinForms rich textbox for which I need to be able to limit the text entered to what visibly fits within the viewable area. I know I can limit it by number of characters, but this doesn't achieve the desired effect when we consider things like word wrap, different character widths for non monospace fonts, etc.

I can have an event callback fire when the text changes, but I need a way to know the text is exceeding the viewable area. Any suggestions?

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In your call back you can use MeasureString to determine the lenghth of the string given a font. Then you compare that to the textbox width.

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great way....+1 –  Sandy Oct 24 '11 at 14:42
I'm an idiot.. it's a rich text box, not optionally one. I'm looking at this though to see if I can apply it somehow... the methods which take LayoutArea as a factor seem like a possibility.. –  trycatch Oct 24 '11 at 14:46

You can get the last char's offset that fit to your richtextbox's visible area as below:

richTextBox1.TextChanged += (sndr, evnt) =>
    richTextBox1.Select(0, 0);
    int pos = richTextBox1.GetCharIndexFromPosition(new Point(richTextBox1.Width, richTextBox1.Height));

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You can use Graphics.MeasureString to get the actual width of the string and stop when it reaches the width of your text box

Graphics graphics = this.CreateGraphics();
SizeF textSize = graphics.MeasureString(myText.Text, this.Font);



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I came across this question because I'm currently trying to do the opposite (resize the rich text box to fit the text set into it), but I came across the function GetPreferredSize that you might be able to use. You'd want to save the current RTF text in the box after each legal edit, then on next edit call GetPreferredSize to see how big the box would have to be to accommodate the new text. If too big, revert to the saved text...

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