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We want to write documentation for the users of our software, the key thing is to be able to quickly write up a little document, add a few screenshots (with snagit), and publish.

We originally thought a wiki would be ideal, but the whole paste-a-screenshot thing is clunky - you have to save a file, upload, link to it, etc etc. Far too much work for the people who are writing the documentation (they are the power users who know what needs to be done, not specialised tech writers who don't know the software. They are engineers, not software guys, and they are distributed across the planet).

All we really need is a collection of MS Word documents that are linked together, with authentication, and the ability to browse it on the internet or generate a portable PDF or even CHM. Oh, and we'll probably eventually deploy to Apple and Linux computers, so portable would be nice. We don't want to overengineer it, we don't need an interactive website, simple = good.

There are some help documentation software out there, but they don't seem to generate the same level of buzz as wiki software does.

Any suggestions?

Thanks very much.

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