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I have a problem with SharedPreferences and my PreferenceActivity. I need that my application can difference between differentes preferences and users, so every user has his own preferences. I thought in use SharedPreferences sending to it the user ID to get the correct options. The problem is that I dont know how to do for my PreferenceActivity use that specific options. Currently, It is using the context options, so when I restart my application, it loads the last options modifieds...

How can I configure my preferenceActivities to store his changes in the sharedpreferences that I want? And for the load?


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This might be a bit late, but you can also check out Swarm's Cloud Data, which provides a per-user SharedPreferences system, stored in the cloud (so if the user switches devices, their preferences persist on the new device).

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It's unusual to support the concept of 'users' on Android - most apps assume a phone has a single user.

That said, you can create custom SharedPreferences like this

SharedPreferences userprefs = getSharedPreferences(username,MODE_WORLD_READABLE);

For your PreferenceActivity, in onCreate you do this


Hope that helps...

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it is not working. What can it be? The preferenceActivity is not working – FrioneL Oct 25 '11 at 13:47
I copied that code from my own PreferenceActivity which uses EXACTLY that code (you are initialising username BEFORE creating the PreferenceActivity - yes??) If you run your app on the Emulator (or a rooted phone), you can see the preference XML files using the DDMS File Browser and check they're being created and updated correctly. They're named as data\data\preferences\YOURPACKAGENAME\preferencesname.xml – shrewdlogarithm Oct 27 '11 at 11:19

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